Could Trump Win In A Landslide? Three Analyses Say It Could Happen

The first analysis comes from Jim Hoft in an attempt to quantify rally attendance, social media statistics, primary results, and tracking polls - his conclusion is that it looks increasingly likely Trump could win the popular vote in the range of about 4 to 9 points.

The second analysis from political blogger Sundance makes a strong case for what has been coined "The Monster Vote" - a large group of eligible voters who don't usually vote in elections or get polled because of poll party affiliation weighting, but appear to have shown up in droves in the 2016 GOP primaries and at Trump rallies.

The final analysis comes from Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, who argues that the current race is turning into a mirror image of 1980 with Trump playing the part of outsider Reagan and Clinton as Carter.

Lastly, three separate election prediction models indicate Trump will likely win:

Professor Allan Lichtman's "13 Keys" model

Both of Professor Helmut Norpoth's models

MogIA, a machine-learning algorithm that correctly predicted the last three elections, including the primaries

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